Sierra Nevada Children’s Services (SNCS) has been providing services to families and child care providers in the community for 40 years. SNCS has utilized state funding resources and community partnerships to actively support whole family growth and individualized personal development. As an agency dedicated to working with children and families, we thrive on our ability to provide quality assistance, compassion and respect to the community.

Agency Timeline-

1978 - Sierra Nevada Children’s Services was established under the name of Western Nevada United Services Council
1980 - Truckee office was added
1983 - Agency became ‘the’ Child Care Resource & Referral service for Nevada County
1987 - Sierra County office was added and Child Care Resource & Referral services were extended to cover Sierra County
1988 - Agency name changed to Sierra Nevada Community Services Council
1992 - Agency name changed to Sierra Nevada Children’s Services (SNCS)
2014 - Grass Valley office moved to 420 Sierra College Drive

- Created The Learning Center (TLC), a combination play space & lending library
- Expanded playgroup offerings

2015 - Loyalton office moved to 701 Main Street

Meet Our Valuable Staff

At Sierra Nevada Children’s Services, we recognize that each employee is integral to our success as a valuable community resource. Guided by the principles of equal opportunity and respect for others, we seek to hire talented individuals who share our commitment and passion for the work that we do.

We strive to hire, train, develop, and retain high-quality employees who balance knowledge and experience with the attitude, aptitude, and personal attributes important to the Agency. We also look for that important balance between a “good head for business” and a “compassionate heart for service.”

SNCS Board Members, Officers, Employees, and Volunteers adhere to a comprehensive Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure the integrity and transparency of all work-related decisions and actions.

Family and Provider Services

Justine Riley
Program Director
(530) 272-8866 x 207

Nikki Jakobs
Senior Family Support Specialist
(530) 272-8866 x 218

Forrest Lee
Family Support Specialist
(530) 272-8866 x224

Jayna Richmond
Family Support Specialist
(530) 272-8866 x 226

Alicia Barney
Loyalton Family Support Specialist
(530) 993-1288

Jessica Norman
Truckee Family Support Specialist &
Sierra County Community Coordinator

(530) 587-5960

Jessica Morris
Network Family Support Specialist
(530) 272-8866 x 216

Lexie Gonzalez
Provider Services Manager
(530) 272-8866 x 225

Lourdes Vose
Resource and Referral Director
(530) 272-8866 x 217

Cindy Santa Cruz-Reed
Training Coordinator
(530) 272-8866 x 214


Katie Filimonov
Executive Director
(530) 272-8866 x 208

Christine Hoxsie
Human Resources Administrator
(530) 272-8866 x 223

Jordan Shipley
Director of Finance
(530) 272-8866 x 215

Heather Brawley
Staff Accountant
(530) 272-8866 x 221

Ryan Dowling
Technical Operations Coordinator
(530) 272-8866 x 220

Amber MacLeod
Office Coordinator
(530) 272-8866 X 201


Dennis Fournier
Dennis Fournier
Doug Summers
Doug Summers
Laura Pare
David Jones
David Jones
Sonia Jenkins
Sonia Jenkins

The Board of Directors of Sierra Nevada Children’s Services (SNCS) is responsible for establishing key operating policies, adopting the annual budget, and conducting the annual performance review of the Executive Director. In addition, the board is responsible for strategic planning, monitoring the agency’s progress toward its goals, participating in the annual review of programs, recruiting additional Board Members, and promoting the organization within the community. Board Members serve for three years and have the option to run for two additional terms, for a possible total of nine years. Individuals who join the Board do so as volunteers and do not receive compensation for their service.
SNCS Board Members work as a team and participate fully in the planning, promotion, and financial support of all organization events. They also serve on at least one standing committee. They are passionate about the SNCS mission and come from many diverse backgrounds, including public education, law enforcement, private business, financial planning, and community health. In addition to having a high standard of ethical behavior, Board Members are skilled at working together in creative ways to consider various viewpoints and personal expertise, in order to make positive and sometimes complex decisions that will benefit the children and families in the community that SNCS was created to support.

SNCS Board Members, Officers, Employees, and Volunteers adhere to a comprehensive Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure the integrity and transparency of all work-related decisions and actions.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Annual Reports

What did we do?
How well did we do it?
Did it work out as we expected?

It’s easy to get lost in the detail of a year’s worth of activity.  In our Annual Reports, we try to step back and take a broad view of how well we have done in accomplishing our mission.  These Annual Reports are created on a fiscal-year basis—covering the period from July 1st in one calendar year through June 30th of the next.

Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2021
Annual Report 2022
Annual Report 2023

Financial Impact

The Economic Impact of Subsidized Child Care in Nevada and Sierra Counties: Subsidized Child Care supports the local community not only with program services, but also by annually bringing millions of dollars in federal and state funding to our local economy.

Subsidized Child Care-

  • Brings $3.6 million of outside, new money into the community each year. The economic benefit of these dollars is amplified many times over, as it is spent and stays in the community.
  • Helps to support jobs for 162 child care providers and their employees.
  • Gives 640 parents the opportunity to work or attend school.
  • Promotes a safe environment for children to learn and grow, reducing demand for social and medical support services.
  • Creates professional development opportunities for child care providers to continually improve the quality of child care.
  • Has ancillary programs that support family stability and strengthen the community economic base.



The employees of Sierra Nevada Children's Services are deeply committed to serving children and families throughout Nevada and Sierra Counties. We are passionate about the work we do and have a strong commitment to identifying resources and offering a wide range of programs and services to community members. We take great pleasure in working as a team with a common vision that supports family empowerment and gain tremendous satisfaction as we advocate for quality child care and the needs of children and their families.

We support the local job market and typically recruit for positions via online job sites and on our website.

It takes a special individual to meet the demands—and find satisfaction in the rewards—that come with working for a non-profit. If you think you are one of these people and believe that a posted job opening is a good match for your skills and experience, we encourage you to apply.

SNCS is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any job applicant or employee on account of that individual’s race, sex, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, pregnancy, age, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, sexual preference, gender characteristic, or any other classification protected under federal, state, or local law.

Current Openings

No current openings- please check again