At Sierra Nevada Children’s Services, we recognize that each and every employee is integral to our success as a valuable community resource. We are only as good as the team we create together! 

Guided by the principles of equal opportunity and respect for others, we seek to hire talented individuals who share our commitment and passion for the work that we do. 

We strive to hire, train, develop and retain high quality employees who balance knowledge and experience with the right attitude, aptitude and personal attributes important to the Agency.  We also look for that important balance between a “good head for business” and a “compassionate heart for service.”

SNCS Board Members, Officers, Employees and Volunteers adhere to a comprehensive Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure the integrity and transparency of all work-related decisions and actions. Conflict of Interest Policy


Child Care Subsidy / Child Care & Resource Referrals
Angel Flores Family Support Specialist (530) 272-8866 x 216

Nikki Sander

Senior Family Support Specialist (530) 272-8866 x 218

Jessica Norman

Family Support Specialist (Truckee)

(530) 587-5960

Alicia Barney

Family Support Specialist (Loyalton)

(530) 993-1288
Child Development
Justine Riley Program Director (530) 272-8866 x 207
Rene Slay Education Director (530) 272-8866 x 221
Lourdes Vose Network Specialist (530) 272-8866 x 217
Wanda Magnuson Office Facilitator (530) 272-8866 x 201
Christine Hoxsie Human Resources Administrator (530) 272-8866 x 223
Craig Phillips Executive Director (530) 272-8866 x 222
Katie Filimonov Quality Assurance Director (530) 272-8866 x 208
Richard Mantle Senior Accountant (530) 272-8866 x 206
Mary Whittlesey Staff Accountant (530) 272-8866 x 215
Ryan Dowling Technical Operations Coordinator (530) 272-8866 x 220
Tracy Zenor Marketing Coordinator (530) 272-8866 x 214


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